After Gateway Family Testimonials

“After Gateway has been one of the best things in which my son has been involved. It gives him so much more to do and people to be involved with than he would get at home. The staff is fantastic, and they are always involved with the participants and very hands on. I have visited other centers and workshops. Because he needs assistance with feeding and toileting, there are not any he would be accepted to, except ones that are like nursing homes. My son likes to be involved with others and go outside, not sit in a corner alone looking out a window or watching TV. He likes to cut up and be funny; I would hate to have that quality suppressed. At After Gateway, he is doing things that he enjoys and he is with people he enjoys being with. He is involved in activities, outings, and things going on in the community. I don’t know what the quality of life would be for my son if not for After Gateway. We love it. After Gateway and the staff are such an asset to me and my son, I don’t know what we would do without them.” -Sherrie W.